The Definitive Guide to Editing Your Underwater Videography


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In this revolutionary eBook, I have put together 47 pages of information. From the moment you download DaVinci Resolve to the moment you hit export and it pop up in your videos folder. I’ve simplified this eBook into 5 Chapters:

  1. Da Vinci Resolve – Get to know the FREE program your going to be using
  2.  Getting your clip ready РThis chapter is all about editing in your clips on the timeline in Da Vinci Resolve.
  3. Colour Grading and Colour Correction – The name says it all, here I teach you step by step how to properly edit the colours of your video.
  4. Putting it all together – Even though short 5 second clips are all the rage on the internet, sometimes you want to put them together, thats what this chapters about.
  5. Exporting – The final step.

I’ve packed this book with as much information as possible while still keeping it suitable for complete beginners in Da Vinci Resolve. This book isn’t about becoming a professional video editor. Its about getting the basics right, from there your skills will grow on their own.

Looking for more than just editing? This book pairs perfectly with my online underwater videography course! Find more information here:

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